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Silky Way Samples


When you're planning your special day, the first thing you want to do is scout the place right!?

That's why we put together this page for you.


Here you'll find a couple of silky demos for you to get a better idea of what our entertainment sounds like!

DJ Mix - February 2022
S + C 13161.jpg

​Even though we always adapt the genres of music we play to match the musical taste of our couples and their guests, this DJ mix is a good example of the Silky DJ style. This set in particular is in fact a bit condensed, playing most songs for about 2:30 minutes, keeping it super dynamic, which is a style that's becoming quite popular, but if our couple prefers so, we'd actually play each song for a bit longer.


Whichever the case may be we always try to transition one song into the other so that people keep dancing the night away or, if we're talking about a more rock-oriented crowd, playing air guitar and as a great poet once said "having nothin' but a good time!"

This is a very pop oriented set with a bunch of dance-floor classics mix in, including some timeless disco songs, a touch  hip-hop and a pinch of latin flavor mixed in. We're working on recording other sets with different styles, for example one with a few country tunes, another one with more rock songs, another one with more disco and funk classics, another one with more recent hits, and so on,

so stay in tune for those coming to our soundcloud very soon!

00:00 / 02:56

​My main instrument is the acoustic guitar, although some songs lend themselves to be played in a soft and clean electric guitar. I sing mostly in an intimate baritone voice with a bit of whisper and rasp.

Think Jack Johnson, John Mayer, and maybe some acoustic Clapton with a touch of Eddie Vedder but also playing many classics from different genres, all of them brought to that same acoustic style. Nothing too crazy, just moving songs, well-played chords, well-sung melodies and a carefully crafted sound to stir emotions with the subtleties of the performance.


For this short demo I chose to record one of my favorite songs to play in wedding ceremonies that was requested to me by a couple, and ever since I learned this song, it has become one of my favorites to play because it fits my guitar style and vocal  range very well.

It's called "Lady May" by Tyler Childers. Enjoy!

Singer/Guitarist for Ceremonies
elect singer-gtr_edited.jpg
DJ Demo
Singer-Guitarist Demo
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